Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It Will Be a Showtime TV Series

The gods are smiling on us because Showtime is prepping a series based on Spike Lee’s second film, She’s Gotta Have It.


The sex-driven, feminist tale of Brooklyn native Nola Darling was Lee’s first popular film and help formed more than a few black girls' idea of feminism and romantic relationships. According to Deadline Hollywood, Lee will write and direct the adaptation which will focus on "a new, contemporary look at the characters and will explore Lee's unique and provocative points of view about race, gender, sexuality, relationships, and the gentrification in Brooklyn."

The original story follows Nola, a fabulously fly black girl with a 1980s hi-top fade, who is dating three guys simultaneously that couldn’t be more different from one other. There is the regular dude, Jamie Overstreet, the neighborhood pest, Mars Blackmon, and the muscle head, Greer Childs — oh and her lesbian friend Opal, with whom it's clear they had something at some point — and Nola isn't in an exclusive relationship with any of them. Between living the life of an artist in pre-gentrification Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Nola juggles all three men — and Opal — until they can’t take it any more and try to make her choose because, you know, ladies can’t really enjoy sleeping with numerous people! Isn't monogamy part of female DNA? Not so much for Nola.


The 1986 She's Gotta Have It is one of Lee’s best and I’m still waiting for my birthday party at the top of Fort Greene park, complete with a contemporary dance show just for me. Please Showtime, don’t fuck up this forth-coming 30 minute TV series, it could really be great. Especially with black women ruling the television ratings and viewership numbers, this could be your chance to really challenge HBO's crown.

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In my opinion, Mars was one of the most annoying characters I have ever seen. I hope they tone him down for the show. He really ruined the movie for me.