Spicy Spicied, Again

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Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was on the Today show Thursday morning to shill his new book and cape for his old boss.


In his interview with Savannah Guthrie, Spicer continued to present Trump as an honest, benevolent man, not a thin-skinned spitfire who lies constantly:

Guthrie: Was there ever a time that the president asked you to lie?

Spicer: No

Guthrie: Was there ever a time where he wanted you to say something that you felt was untrue or on the line?

Spicer: Well, look, in the book that comes out next week, I go through a lot of the big seminal moments...

Spicer then described himself as a kid from the small state of Rhode Island, as if that has anything to do with whether or not Trump is a liar.

When Guthrie asked if the president was a truthful person, Spicer—with a straight face—said, “I believe so.”

Spicer also said there’s no evidence that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation was a “witch hunt,” as Trump is so fond of saying. “As of now I see no evidence that it is,” said Spicer. Still, he doesn’t buy the collusion angle:

Spicer: I think there’s two issues. One, as I mentioned earlier, there’s the collusion, which we’ve seen no evidence of so far.

Guthrie: With the investigations ongoing...

Spicer: Correct. Fair enough.

Guthrie: There’s been three guilty pleas from former trump associates.

Spicer: But it has nothing to do with actually collusion. They have to do with lying and not registering properly.

Guthrie: But why would you lie to federal investigators?

Spicer: I don’t know, I wouldn’t!

“But with respect to the meddling, that’s another thing,” said Spicer, acknowledging multiple Russians who have been indicted by Mueller.


In conclusion, Spicer has a book coming out and so you’re going to have to tolerate more of this useless shit for the duration of the publicity tour.

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