Sperm Whales Also Inspired By Kristy's Great Idea

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A recent study of sperm whales in the Sargasso sea shows that whale mothers often leave their calves with a group of "babysitting" female whales, who protect the young while their mother dives for food.


"The Sargasso mothers formed a babysitting circle, taking it in turns to watch over other calves and go hunting themselves," writes Matt Kaplan of New Scientist. "The babysitters even allowed the other mums' calves to nurse if they were hungry. The smaller Caribbean population had fewer mothers, so calves were left with a close female relative instead." Yes, well, one can only wonder what happens whenever the chance to babysit the whale equivalent of Jackie Rodowsky comes about. Who will deal with his accident-prone escapades this time around!?[NewScientist]


Aw, that's cute. One question. When the sperm wale daddy watches the sperm wale baby, is it called babysitting?