Spanx Helps Men To Banish Their Beer Bellies

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Are men really clamoring to dance around the house trying to squeeze into shapewear disguised as a crewneck and "compression bottoms?" According to Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, men are beyond ready for some extra assistance.


The Wall Street Journal reports on the launch, noting:

The experimental product, which hits Neiman Marcus stores March 15, is already generating strong interest on the company's e-commerce site,, even though Spanx hasn't actively promoted it (until now). Ms. Blakely says that the crewneck style is currently the fifth-best selling item-out of hundreds of items-on the entire site.


As Blakely heads back to the lab, I know one thing I'm eagerly waiting to see: Will David Zinczenko declare war against Spanx in the pages of Men's Health, or will he embrace those ever-sexy advertising dollars?

Spanx Body Slimmers for Men Unveiled [WSJ]

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I don't see any reason why this product shouldn't exist. I have a pair of Spanx (the kind that are mostly like bike shorts with a really high waist) and they make a huge difference under dresses. That being said, I don't know that the average man will be willing to accept the discomfort of wearing these kinds of garments, as they're not as used to the pain/beauty tradeoff as we are.