Spanish Party Drug Island Worried MTV's Ibiza Shore Will Ruin Its Rep

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Ibiza, the super classy island of coke, ecstasy and endless glowing drinks, is worried about its reputation thanks to MTV’s upcoming reality show, Ibiza Shore. As if Snookie, J Wow and The Situation didn’t drive up tourism in the Garden State, duh.

Ibiza Shore, starring squabbling 20-somethings pulled from Spain’s Gandia Shore and Mexico’s Acapulco Shore on the island where Paris Hilton DJs regularly, is giving the local government grief. Ibiza’s president Vincent Torres is worried the show will promote “drunken tourism,” according to The Guardian, and he’s pushing to stop production that begins in August.

“It’s a matter of image, that’s what worries us. That’s a side of Ibiza that we’re not interested in at all,” said Torres.



But you make so much money from that image, Torres? That image is why Paris Hilton and David Guetta are probably treasured Ibiza guests. Ibiza, with its lovely beaches, is well-known as great place to party all night, do all the drugs and chase them with a Red Bull and vodka to stay awake until your flight the next day where you go home and pretend none of it happened, though you’ll remember it fondly.

Trying to “save” the island’s image would be like trying to re-fashion Las Vegas into a place without the Spearmint Rhino and Neil Diamond or Miami without muscle shirts and fresh cocaine. It is what it is Torres, it is what it is.

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I believe that if hell exists, it is different for every person.

Ibiza would be my hell.