You know what an Almodvar premiere means: lots of rad dames, Penelope Cruz, and enough eccentricity to keep things interesting! Los Abrazos Rotos, which premiered last night at Madrid's Proyecciones cinema, was no exception.

The Good:

As Pedro Almodovar demonstrates, it's hard to take your eyes off Penelope Cruz in classic bombshell mode.

Chic runs in the family! Monica Cruz balances her mini's brevity with a hint of power suit!


Dig Blanca Romero's demure exercise in pure Euro-chic.


How do we feel about the return of the modified empire? I'd say when it's done as deftly as Veronica Echegui does, carry on.

Okay, maybe controversial, but I think Veronica Sanchez pulls off these tricky proportions flawlessly...and looks super-cool.

The Bad:


Rosana Pastor's aggressive shoes, with the skirt's tricky length, results in a big, Cleoptra-inspired mass of confusion!


Bibi Andersen's is another case where I actually think the dress could look seriously cool with a more subdued shoe. These shoes are many things; "subdued" is not one of them.

Macarena Gomez is triple-axle ready!

What Say You?


Toni Acosta: funky and fun, or matador madness?

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