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SpaceLife Origin, a start-up, wants you to imagine having a baby in space. Wow. According to this piece in The Atlantic on Wednesday, SpaceLife Origin is looking to make this “dream” a “reality” by trying to send a pregnant woman to space in a capsule to deliver her child and then bring her back.


Now me, a blogger, wants you to imagine not having a baby in space. Amazing.

“If humanity wants to become a multi-planetary species, we also need to learn how to reproduce in space,” reads a quote by SpaceLife Origin’s CEO on the company’s website. Sure. But if we’re going to live in some sucky space future, we will also have to fight to make sure it’s a just and equal society, especially given that SpaceLife Origin’s strategy has been to approach some of earth’s worst class—private spaceflight companies and wealthy preppers.


Which means that we need to learn how to provide space abortions, accessible to every space human. Space babies? Fine. Space abortions? Even better if you ask me.

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