Southwest Flight Attendant Puts Her Comedy Spin on Flight Safety Rules

Meet Southwest Airlines flight attendant Martha "Marty" Cobb. If there's one thing she knows, it's how to get the attention of passengers who have probably heard the same airline safety instructions over and over.

"My ex-husband, my new boyfriend, and their divorce attorney are going to show you the safety features aboard this 737 800 series," Cobb says in the video. "Position your seat belt tight and low across your hips, like my grandmother wears her support bra. Everybody gets a door prize in the seat back in front of you, along with dirty diapers, chewing gum wrappers, dirty diapers, and all the other gifts you leave for us from time to time."

I think I may have found a back-up career for me: SASSY WISECRACKING FLIGHT ATTENDANT.

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Celia the Vampire Slaying Vampire

Oh, I've flown with her before! She's very sweet, funny, and helpful. Very good at her job. Almost makes having to fly Southwest bearable.