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Southern Belles Love Male Stripper Balls

Illustration for article titled Southern Belles Love Male Stripper Balls

Have you seen Magic Mike, the movie about Channing Tatum's ass and feelings? How about Ted, that movie about Mark Wahlberg and the talking bear that makes plushies and furries really excited? Your answer may indicate not just your gender, but where you're from. One movie did well on the blue pinot noir drinking cheese eating grad school attending coasts, and the other cleaned up in America's meaty, Budweiser drinking red states in the country's middle and south.


Mike and Ted bared and beared their way to the top two spots at the box office last weekend, but according to Vulture, groups of ladies in red states, and specifically, in mid-size cities in conservative parts of the country were what propelled Mike to the second slot. Heh heh. Slot. Indianapolis, Charlotte, Orlando, St. Louis, Nashville, Tampa, and Kansas City all posted big, bulging ticket sales for the film.

So what's the deal with blue state ladies? Prude about male nudity? Or does living in a city full of liberals mean that women have become more blasé about people taking their clothes off? After all, it's hard to justify paying to go to the movies when a real, in-the-flesh naked guy is usually only a text message away, or (more realistically) when dudes are taking their pants off on the train all the time. There comes a time when a gal reaches her butt quota.



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Violet Baudelaire

These are all places where it's super hot... and movie theatres are air-conditioned is the thing. In northern climates, events are commonly scheduled in the summertime - in southern, it's normally too hot to plan to do anything outside so there's shit going on.

However, as a Michigan girl living in New Orleans, is there a way to do an absentee ticket sale so my watching of Magic Mike down here is represented in my home state? I mean... if I can do it for the Presidential election there has to be a way to do it for this!!