South Park Had to Re-Write Its Post Election Episode to Reflect Hillary Clinton's Loss

Screengrab via Comedy Central.
Screengrab via Comedy Central.

The episode of South Park that was scheduled to air on November 9 was originally titled The Very First Gentlemen. After Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and much of America were completely stunned by Donald Trump’s presidential win, the episode was hastily re-written and called Oh, Jeez.


In South Park’s dystopia, Hillary Clinton lost to Mr. Garrison and his running mate Caitlyn Jenner. The plot is convoluted, and as A.V. Club reviewer Dan Caffrey writes, Parker and Stone “currently seem to be in a state of numbness, wandering around in a stupor as they try to think of something helpful or—most importantly—funny to say.”

In 2015, Jia Tolentino wrote she stopped watching the show and that it “was the year that I stopped feeling that even the smartest, funniest version of ‘libertarian devil’s advocate’ could be in any way one step ahead.” One year later, that feels especially true, and this episode certainly wasn’t one step ahead. The promo that was released that same day didn’t exactly make me laugh either, maybe because it’s too real (or been reiterated on too many of my social media feeds):

The episode shoehorns in Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby, setting them up at South Park Elementary as leaders of the Gentleman’s Club, teaching the boys about chivalry. While her husband is busy, Hillary Clinton sends Gerald to Denmark to infiltrate Troll Trace, kind of a James Bond spoof on tracking down hateful internet commenters. If only.

MEANWHILE, in Colorado, Eric Cartman is trying desperately to hide his own long history of abuse and misogyny online from his girlfriend Heidi. In a surprisingly sweet moment, Cartman comforts Heidi after Clinton loses, his lies almost feeling like truth:

Heidi says, “I just feel so disconnected from the world, you know? I really thought this was gonna be the moment that proved girls can do anything. Like you always say.”

Cartman tells her, getting teary-eyed, “You can’t stop believing that. Now, more than ever, you have to stay strong.”


When Heidi asks if he thinks women are funny, Cartman replies, “So funny. Oh my god when Amy Schumer jokes about her vagina, I seriously lose my shit,” eventually adding, “For the first time, I’m really scared for the future.”

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stopped watching last year when PC Principal was introduced. felt like they were less objective, and in a really bitter, unpalatable way that wasn’t as approachable as previous seasons.