SoulCycle's Co-Founders Are Peddling Off Into the Sunset

Stationary bike-riding business SoulCycle became soulmates with Equinox in 2011, and co-founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice want to find a new way to collect souls. More souls, must eat, yum.

SoulCycle is considered cult-like by many. I’ve never attended a class, because I am susceptible to that kind of manipulation and discovered improv first. Plus, I don’t like being yelled at while furiously moving my legs, which has been a real problem in the boudoir. SoulCycle is also famous because, unlike most fitness options, there are no monthly rates. You can pay $34 a class or you can GTFO. CBS News reports:

Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice, who started SoulCycle a decade ago with one studio in New York City, are stepping down as co-chief creative officers to pursue other projects, but they’ll continue on the company’s board, according to published reports.


Equinox owns about 97% of the company’s stock, so maybe there’s not that much left for them to do anyway. Go forth, ladies. There’s no point to working so hard just to stay in the exact same place.

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