SoulCycle Is Going Public

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SoulCycle has filed initial papers for an IPO, sometime later this year.

That’s according to the Wall Street Journal. Reporter Shira Ovide also combed through the filing and spotted some gems. For starters, SoulCycle is well aware that fans are fucking obsessed:

Our riders arrive early and stay after class to socialize with their fellow riders, the studio teams and instructors. Riders voraciously consume, comment on and share content from our blog and social media channels. SoulCycle apparel has become the uniform of choice both inside and outside the studios. Our silver retail bags can be seen in airports, on street corners and in households across the country. We do not have a target demographic because at SoulCycle, ANYONE can be an Athlete, a Legend, a Warrior, a Renegade or a Rockstar. It is the place people come, regardless of their age, athletic ability, size, shape, profession or personality, to connect with their best selves.


Presumably this is the point in the presentation to investors where somebody will rip off a SoulCycle tank top, roar at the top of her lungs, and do a victory lap around the conference room. The filing brags on the company’s “Soul evangelists” and explains to unfamiliar Wall Street types that their classes occur “in a dark, candlelit room to high-energy music,” and “The experience is tribal. It is primal. And it is fun.” This bit’s good, too:

Pack. Tribe. Community. At SoulCycle, our riders feed off the group’s shared energy and motivation to push themselves to their greatest potential. In becoming part of our community, our riders are instilled with greater awareness of not only their bodies but also their emotions. We believe this awareness leads to healthier decisions, relationships and lives. We are not a business that values only transactions, rather we create a community that cultivates and sustains relationships. Our immersive culture of inspiration and empowerment contributes to the engaged and connected rider base in each of our studios.

So when do we cover Nicholas Cage in bees?

But the filing does warn potential investors that, “We have also benefited in the past from favorable publicity related to celebrities riding in our studios. If in the future we lose such celebrity ridership, this could have a negative effect on our business.” And God knows those goofballs are always chasing some new fad.

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Blueberry Jones

My friend is a SoulCycle FANATIC. So much that she is getting certified to run her own class and work at SoulCycle and quit her bartending job (or just keep it for one day a week). She keeps trying to get me to go but like, I don’t know if I’d like it. Michelle Obama was in one of her classes though (not one she lead but one she participated in).