Sorry to Say Meghan Markle Did NOT Win a Teen Choice Award

Image: AP

I’m so sorry to report that Meghan Markle has been robbed—by Harry Styles! Of her 2018 Teen Choice Award, that is. Styles, I hope you’re prepared to be eaten alive by the corgis for this offense against the majesty of the Crown!


Elle reported on the outcome of Meghan’s nomination for Choice Style Icon:

Meghan Markle, who made history just by being the first royal to ever get a Teen Choice Award nomination, ended up losing the award to Harry Styles. The Duchess of Sussex was nominated for Choice Style Icon against him, Blake Lively, Chadwick Boseman, Migos, and Zendaya. The winner was announced during the West Coast broadcast of the show last night.


Sadly, this doesn’t bode well for my vision of teens across American feeling inspired en masse to dress like they’re Joan Collins in Dynasty.

Thus concludes the only aspect of the Teen Choice Awards of which I have any knowledge or context whatsoever.

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I know this means nothing coming from me, Jezebel’s Harry Stan in Residence, but Harry has been putting in the work as style icon this year. He is a man unafraid of glitter, spangles, embroidery, florals, flares, Klimt-inspired gold suits, and bizarre outfits that mixed pirate chic with romantic poet.

I think the kids got this one right.

For reference: