Sorry to Dash Your Dreams But Tom Hardy Is Probably Not Available

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Look, I hate to ruin your Friday afternoon, but I really wanted you to hear this from me, not Facebook: Tom Hardy apparently got married? Maybe? Nobody's sure?

He is probably no longer your boyfriend. Or my boyfriend. We are boyfriendless and bereft.

That's according to, anyway, plucking a detail out of this Wall Street Journal profile pegged to his new movie Locke: "These days Mr. Hardy is more settled; his wife is Charlotte Riley, who played Catherine to his Heathcliff in 'Wuthering Heights.'" If that's a fact and not a fact-checker's fuck up, it's news to Hardy's girlfriends fans. The pair have been together for some time, but as of last May, their marriage was "on hold"; this Daily Mail report from October refers to the pair as engaged.


The WSJ article seems to be the only suggestion they finally tied the knot, so if they actually did, they sure were sneaky about it. Is that even legal? It's certainly not RIGHT. Then again, he's been calling her his "missus" since at least 2012, so maybe someone at the WSJ is simply confused.

Either way he hasn't been single for ages and won't be running off into the sunset with any of us. Sorry.

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Somehow my life isn't plunged into an abyss of existential loneliness knowing a hot celebrity is happily partnered with another hot celebrity.