It's long been the goal of many an aspiring fashionista to travel to Paris, the most stylish city in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, this goal may now have to be revisited, not because France isn't worth your time (it is!), but because Paris has been knocked down a peg and might no longer be the the global capital of fashion. And who's stepping up to take its place?

Ohhhhh, NYC! (The whole world keeps coming!)

New data released by the Global Language Monitor shows that over the past 3 years, New York City has surpassed Paris when it comes to mentions in articles, on blogs and in social media in relation to the fashion industry.

From The Cut:

[GLM] tracked the frequency and contextual usage of the words and used those numbers to create a ranking of global fashion cities. So basically, New York City has appeared in relation to words like fashion, fashionable, best designers ever, most stylish people in the world, better than Paris, and so on, just enough times to earn the top spot by a narrow 0.5 percent.

It's a minuscule percentage, so who knows. NYC and Paris could be battling this one out for years. (France, as a tactic of war, please feel free to pelt us with your most delicious bread and cheeses. Signed, someone who cares more about croissants than she does about couture.)


According to the Global Language Monitor, the world's top most fashionable cities are now New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, and Barcelona. Akron, Ohio is snubbed once again!