Sorry, Kim, the Original Kimono Intimates Is a Condom Company

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Kim Kardashian has trademarked the name of her new lingerie line, because she wants to dress us all from the skin outward. Unfortunately, there’s a “second skin” that’s been around a lot longer with the same name.


From TMZ:

The company Kim’s charged with spearheading her new lingerie line filed docs — obtained by TMZ — to trademark “Kimono Intimates.” The plan is to brand her line with the name and slap it on bustiers, nightgowns, breast shapers, pasties (yeah, pasties), leotards and socks, among other things.

If the other things get anymore intimate, she could be getting friendly with Kimono condoms, who brag that they’re the thinnest latex condom available for that “barely there” feel, having long held the title for inappropriate cultural references. What does a Kimono have to do with a condom? No more than it has to do with Kim Kardashian. But they did grab the name first, and it’s definitely what people will be thinking when they see a line of pasties at the sex shop.

Kim visited Japan earlier this year with Kourtney and Khloe, and per her own Instagram account, she’s missing it:

What you’re really missing is the sweet, sweet promise of Kimono’s “premium natural latex condoms that define ULTRA THIN.”

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A Lantern of Hope

Of course, they are both appropriating an aspect of Japanese culture to sell their crap, so they can pretty much both go F themselves.