New research from the Institute For Truth In '90s Pop Songs finds that a dude driving an expensive car will, in fact, not impress us much. The study found men who are conspicuous spenders are driven by a desire for uncommitted romantic rendezvous, and they aren't fooling anyone.

One thousand subjects participated in the research conducted by faculty at Rice University, the University of Texas - San Antonio, and the University of Minnesota. The study found that men who were mainly interested in hooking up use big ticket items much like peacock feathers. Obviously women are fond of pricey wares as well, but they don't spend to attract mates. These men believe they're luring women by sending the signal that they're good providers who are proficient with a caveman club.


In reality, women understand their intentions. Ladies said they were more interested in dating a guy who drives a Porsche than a man who owns a Honda Civic. However when it came to a long-term relationship, there was no advantage to owning a sports car. Daniel Beal, assistant professor of psychology at Rice, says, "People may feel that owning flashy things makes them more attractive as a relationship partner, but in truth, many men might be sending women the wrong message."

Well, unless all parties are interested in a glamourous and short-lived encounter. In that case, it seems the Porche serves its function. If the researchers are taking suggestions for their next study on crossover country hits, I've always wondered if letting Jesus take the wheel is an effective driving strategy.

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