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"Sorry For Calling You A Piece Of Poo"

Illustration for article titled Sorry For Calling You A Piece Of Poo

This apology note was written by a 7-year-old after she was sent to her room. Her mom writes, "Somehow I still think she meant what she originally said." More not-so-loving notes to mom at the link. [Passive-Aggressive Notes via Buzzfeed]


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My 5-year-old daughter writes "kick me" type signs to stick on Mr. Snide's back — they're almost always of a scatological nature, i.e., "I tak a big fat dup in the morning" (I take a big fat dump in the morning.)

Yeah, we're proud. Ahem.

This morning, she posted a note addressed to the cat to keep him out of her art area because he'd been stepping on her pictures. Yeah, that's gonna work.