Bad news for those of you traveling over the long weekend. It looks like Mother Nature โ€” THAT BEAUTIFUL BITCH โ€” will be pulling out all of the stops to keep you from your intended destination. For so it is written: When the holidays of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving converge in the year of 2013, there will be snow, there will be rain and thou shalt eat thine holiday meal at Chili's Too - Chicago O'Hare.

With an oncoming nor'easter and much of the East Coast and Great Lakes region under a storm advisory, flights out of New York's LaGuardia airport were, as of last night, delayed an average of 50 minutes and things aren't looking any better elsewhere. Bad weather in the Northeast can (and likely will) affect airports from Atlanta to Dallas along with all of the major airports of the mid Atlantic region.

If you're beginning to feel smug because you thought ahead and bought train tickets to avoid congested air travel, hold it right there, cowgirl. Train travel is looking messy, as well โ€” especially if you're traveling through Penn Station where a disabled train tunnel is gumming up the works by causing delays and major crowding. (Oh, NYC! The whole world keeps coming! By bus! By train!)

So when traveling, let's just remember to be safe and nice to each other. Either that or stay where you are and get wise to the Friends Thanksgiving โ€” it's just like Thanksgiving with your family only it's fun!


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