Sorry, But Justin Bieber's Pet Name for Hailey Bieber is 'Goo Goo'

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I don’t even have a joke for that one. Just let it sink in.

Justin Bieber wasn’t in attendance at the camp-inspired Met Gala last night, but his wife, Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) sure was. Though she (and the majority of celebrity guests) did not totally understand the theme, she looked great, and Justin thought so, too. To show his support for her, he posted a picture of Hailey in her backless gown to his Instagram story and captioned it, “STUNNING GOO GOO.”


According to People, that’s his pet name for her: GOO GOO. Maybe he was confused and wanted to shout out Lady Gaga’s insane four-outfit change entrance last night? It happens to best of us.



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Rewind your mind, if you would, to 2011. It was a good year—certainly better than anyone has had post-2016—but maybe not so great for Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Bey’s bud Kelly Rowland accidentally revealed Blue Ivy’s gender before she was born in 2012 by using “she” and “her” pronouns in an interview, E! reports. To make up for such an egregious flop, the Destiny’s Child singer bought the new parents a $5,200 baby bath covered in Swarovski crystals, which you can see below.

Personally, I think this is a great gift. Think of the applications: Once Blue grew too large for it, the twins, Rumi Carter and Sir Carter, were probably ready to hop in there. When they size out, it’s a very decadent foot bath, fitting only for a Queen. And Beyoncé. Duh.


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IS GOO GOO is like POO POO?? she also blended in with carpet