Sorority Inducts 90-Year-Old Woman

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At Washburn University in 1941, Bertie McConnell wanted to join Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, but before she could pledge World War II broke out and she dropped out to work in an ammunitions factory. Recently her daughter contacted the sorority hoping to get a card for McConnell's 90th birthday, but instead the sisters surprised her by inducting her as an honorary member. McConnell said she was overwhelmed by the students' generosity adding, "I finally made it." The sisters are about to get an even bigger surprise when McConnell shows up to the next keg party.

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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

They didn't mention the part where they made McConnell do a line off a Chippendale's ass while reciting the creed and doing the secret handshake.

When you consider that she made it past initiation and pledge, that's even more impressive.

(FYI I know ZTA claims to never haze. I think it's more fun to pretend in this case.)