Sorority Girls Arrested For Hazing • Advertisement Takes Aim At Duggar Family

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• Six students from Rutgers have been arrested for violently paddling pledges and depriving them of food, all in the name of sisterhood. The women of Sigma Gamma Rho allegedly told the pledges that the beatings would "humble" them. •


• The always amusing Daily Fail reports that more women are being arrested for violent crimes than ever before. The "deeply disturbing" statistic is offset by a ridiculous picture of what we guess is a "violent woman" brandishing a knife. Keep it classy! • CBS executives say they're considering airing a commercial for a gay dating site during the Super Bowl. The website is called ManCruch, and the ad in question shows two guys watching a game when they make eye contact and suddenly begin making out. The ad is reportedly "still under review," but most believe it will not air this year. • Oh god. In many of Canada's teaching hospitals, students routinely perform pelvic exams on women who are still under anesthesia, without previously seeking their consent. While the US requires written consent to perform this type of procedure, Canada's hospitals consider the consent "implicit." • We've been following the sad saga of women's ski jumping, however, one argument against allowing ladies to compete in the Olympics that we hadn't heard before is this: It might damage their ovaries. Yes, apparently someone over at the IOC was worried that the female athletes might become infertile, and thus should be bared from the games. • Not satisfied with mocking plus-sized people or objectifying women, PETA has started in on the Duggars. Their new billboard reads "Doggies multiply faster than Duggars." PETA's official blog says they have no problem with the Duggars, and obviously, it was just a joke. • The message behind this outrageously sexist ad for the Austrian army: Chicks dig tanks! • When asked how politicians can avoid scandals like his, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer replied, "When you know something's stupid, don't do it." Easier said than done, apparently. • One fifth of mothers surveyed in the UK admitted that they had been late picking their kids up from school because they were having an affair. The survey, which focused solely on late moms, also found that most had been late to grab their kids due to work commitments - or a really riveting television program. • A Seattle-area couple had their baby put into foster care because she only gained 1 pound in her first two months. Court papers say her mother was depressed, suicidal, and homicidal after the delivery and didn't adequately feed the baby. After the baby started gaining weight in foster care, the parents complained to the authorities she was getting "fat." •



OK third time posting this but just for those of you who don't read groupthink or tips:

the gyn exam thing is disturbing but just on a few side notes

— this article is about doing gyn exams on patients having surgery for gyn issues (like fibroids). It's not like they are doing it on people getting appendectomies which is what the headline implies. It is a long standing practice to have medical students do exams on patients with interesting findings. They shuffle in to stare at funny looking moles and palpate enlarged organs.

—sad but true: if you go to a teaching hospital, you are going to get stuff done on you by students without consent beyond what you typically sign for treatment. They will be drawing your blood and doing rectal exams without asking explicitly if a student can do it. They will be supervised, but they will be doing it.

— when you have gyn surgery, whether by students or not, you are going to have like 5 people doing a gyn exam to get a sense of anatomy before they open you up. Trust me, you want the student steering the camera to know what direction they should be pointing it in.

—the article says "when i was on my obgyn rotation" as in even though the kid wasn't on surgery he got called in to do vagina stuff. But obgyn surgeries like fibroids and hysterectomies are not performed by trained surgeons, they are performed by trained gynecologists and in medical school that is the rotation on which you work in vagina ORs.

I personally always made a point of introducing myself as a student but I never said "I'm going to be taking your history and doing an exam, is that OK or do you want a real doctor?" because that's how you learn. a physician always came in after to recap the story and redo the exam to make sure I didn't miss anything but I always started on my own after a few times observing. I went to medical school in the US and have friends who have gone to school outside the US and that is just standard practice.

If you go to any hospital that has medical students or a residency program, there are going to be many more people repeating exams on you than if you went to a private facility

Yes, I am unfomfortable with the idea of someone doing an unconscious exam and see how that could be upsetting but it's not as creepy as this implies. It's not as though they are overhead paging in the hosptial for every medical student to come in. They are having students who are supposed to be in that OR to learn doing so.