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Sorority Causes Massive Delay at Houston Airport

Illustration for article titled Sorority Causes Massive Delay at Houston Airport

Travelers who were trying to depart Houston’s Hobby Airport at the same time as Delta Sigma Theta Sorority were in for a nightmare. 13,000 sorority sisters from all over the country were in town for their 52nd National Convention. When the alums arrived at the airport to fly back home, they found themselves to be the reason behind an extremely long security delay, all due to a souvenir.


The sisters were each given a thick, commemorative book of the event, which was seen as a potential security threat, reports Houston’s KHOU. Due to their size, the booklets could be mistaken for explosives. TSA ended up having to hand-check most of the luggage.

Here’s the suspiciously-looking book:


“We had a large group with a large number of bags to be checked and because of a certain item in those bags there was additional screening necessary,” said Hobby Airport spokesman Bill Begley. Consequently, flights for hundreds of passengers were delayed about three hours.

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Oh, FFS. This whole bag check thing wouldn’t have anything to do with Delta Sigma Theta being a historically black sorority, would it? Naah!

/sarcasm, just in case you missed it