Sophia Grace, a small glitter-spewing British song fountain who has been trapped in an pink-walled toy store for four years and counting, just released a single that will transport you straight to the club. Over a slinky, rubbery DJ Mustard-esque beat, "Best Friends" features Sophia Grace serving serious Charli XCX energy on the verses, a SICK "Hollaback Girl" hook that is all about best friends, and a rap interlude that legitimately blows certain Iggy Rhododendron Pentantheras out of the game.

It is already a strong contender for song of the year.

Go ahead, I'm serious. Press the old play button and watch Sophia, Princess Swag Baby of the Greater London K-Marts, turn her swag on with her tiny baby friends. I'll be over here shopping for clubwear from the Sophia Grace & Rosie K-Mart Kollection (true) and humming the hook:

Stupid boys come around/
Me and my girls shut em down/
Nobody can stop us now/
Women take over we run this town.


"I'm so excited to release this song as I think all girls can relate to the lyrics," is what Sophia Grace said to Ryan Seacrest. She's not wrong. I can also relate to hanging out with my posse at the spot:


And smiling at the mirror when I look good:


And turning up solo at the infinity pool:


"I take you to the top/ I'm never gonna stop/ 11 years old that's-just-how-I-rock," raps Sophia. "Because if you are my best friend put your hands up! Now put your hands up!"

Well, Sophia Grace, look who has their hands up: everybody. Noted cultural critic and vibe whisperer Julianne Escobedo Shepherd calls Sophia Grace "the ultimate purveyor of swagu in 2015." We encourage fans of friendship and empowered women to get involved.