If you've ever been to Paris and felt all, "Ugh, this historical and beautiful city full of delicious things to eat and delicious men to stare at and/or have sex with is so lame because I can't blow the remainder of my vacation Euros at Printemps on Sunday afternoon," you might soon be in luck: France is considering amending its Sunday "trading law."

"Soon," as in, "Um, yeah, we'll see about that." France is notoriously protective of not only its workers, but its traditions—there's actually a thing called "the French weekend," which basically means time to kick back and savor life, but in a chic, cool, French way, not in a, "I'm so hungover I'm going to cling for dear life to my couch while my head alternates between an empty bucket and a bucket of Doritos" American kind of way.

But, really: staying open on Sundays would present an economic boon for France, whose economy, like many others in Europe, is struggling. Plus, there's London to consider—so cutthroat, those British:

"Do we want millions and millions of tourists, notably Chinese, who come to the capital to leave us and go and do their shopping in London on a Sunday?" Mr. Valls asked in an interview quoted by Agence France-Presse.

Six days of shopping, apparently, just isn't enough for some people.

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