Soon-to-Be-Divorced Man Goes Outside in Tracksuit So You Know It's Real

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Kanye West has come out of what cannot really be described as hiding, but also, could be described as hiding all the same. And he wore Crocs!


Last week, news broke that he and Kim Kardashian had finally filed for divorce, after what felt like 10 million years of edging the general public over their marriage’s obvious finality. In photos snapped by Splash News, and obtained by Page Six, West can be seen roaming about Yeezy Academy in Los Angeles, in a bright blue monochrome tracksuit and those Yeezy Crocs-looking monstrosities.

The outlet reports that bodyguards accompanied him and son Psalm. No surprise, the kiddo wore a matching outfit, although Kanye opted to style him in Yeezy runners instead.

So, what’s Kim up to? She’s a bit busy possibly shading her soon-to-be ex-husband on Instagram Stories by singing “Driver’s License,” a pop song made famous by teenagers on TikTok. Oh, and she’s gearing up for the premiere of the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, coincidentally amidst her divorce proceedings. I guess it’s nice to know that both are coping with things currently.

Golf Digest reports that legendary golfer Tiger Woods was extricated from a single-car crash Tuesday in Los Angeles, after emergency services had to pry his car open with the “jaws of life,” a machine designed to rip through common car materials.

According to a statement from L.A. County Sherriff’s Department, he was then transported to a hospital, where he is now undergoing surgery.


In a statement to Golf Digest, his agent Mark Steinberg confirmed that Woods experienced multiple leg injuries, and that “we thank you for your privacy and support.”

I currently cannot process this right now.


Safaree said on Twitter Tuesday: “I mean this from the bottom of my heart getting married was 1 of my BIGGEST mistakes and it will never happen again. I’m walking away before I End up in jail over some dumb shit. Nobody is worth my freedom!!” He deleted his tweet, but not before wife Erica Mena  responded:


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I literally have no idea what about the picture you literally cannot process, unless it’s the mask-free not social distancing? Who are those people and why are we looking at their picture and wondering what you cannot process?