Sony Execs Made Actors Tell Them If They Had Oral Herpes

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In news that surely has Sony executives ‘round the globe popping sedatives, WikiLeaks has released a second batch of stolen documents from Sony Pictures Entertainment. Most of the 276,000 documents involve sensitive legal matters, but several, Radar Online reports, concern an issue that we can all relate to: herpes!

Stars are just like us, especially when it comes to highly contagious, occasionally sexually transmitted mouth sores. According to Radar, a number of actors on Sony projects have been asked to fill out a “Cold Sore Questionnaire.” Below is an excerpt from the questionnaire, which you can view in full here:

1. I currently have a cold sore (describe cold sore locations):_______________

2. I have had the cold sore since:_____________

3. My last cold sore was approximately (date): ______________

4. I have had____cold sore breakouts over a period of _______ years.

Obviously, some actors refused to fill this out—including one “very well-known A-list actor,” which Radar says “triggered frantic emails between the studio, the insurance company, and his rep.”


Does your job involve filling out questionnaires about private, embarrassing medical conditions? Does your job involve trying to wheedle celebrities into filling out questionnaires regarding their private, embarrassing medical conditions? Email us at! We’re not embarrassed.

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