Sonja Morgan and Her Side Boob Are Having a Ball

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Screenshot: Instagram

In an attempt to escape the current, royally fucked news cycle, I went looking for some relief. I found it, thank god, in Sonja Morgan and her side boob.


The Real Housewives of New York star is currently on vacation somewhere in Arizona, at a resort called Talking Stick. She’s spent the past few days posting about it, including a trip to the golf course:

And poolside, with her Telfar bag:

Look at her! She’s having a blast. On one recent selfie, she wrote: “Love the #Arizona sun and climate. What is your favorite place to go? #talkingstickresort #golf #sideboob”


That is, most definitely, a side boob. Good for her! And best of luck on this new facelift journey she’s undertaken in the pandemic.

In other Real Housewives news, Erika Jayne continues to be an Instagram menace. Posting through a devastating legal trial, in which the accusations are now too numerous to sum up in a few sentences, is simply not enough for her, it seems. Here’s how she celebrated International Women’s Day on Instagram: “Heard it’s International Women’s Day... some in this pic I love and trust more than others. No shade, just truth.”



Here are my predictions for the new season, as a Real Housewives expert and Ph.D. haver: Erika and Kyle will coldly accept the new girl, Crystal Kung Minkoff, who will point out at that the reunion that their behavior is oddly similar to the way Garcelle Beauvais was received last season. Kyle will cry, and call someone a bully, while Erika will eulogize about what a girlboss she is. Rinna will sell out all her friends for screentime and a chance to get her daughters a bus stop bench advertisement, loudly interjecting at every dinner party and function to play devil’s advocate for seemingly no reason, only to give Kyle and Erika a passionate speech about “sisters” at the reunion.


Sutton and Garcelle, meanwhile, will be the first to mention the many lawsuits Erika now faces. She will scream at them, and then disappear for a few episodes, only to suddenly show up at Kyle’s annual white party and announce: “I won’t apologize for being me.” Kyle will clap, and Rinna will say something shady in her confessional but smile and kiss Erika on camera.

Dorit, somewhere, will cry to her husband, choking through the tears: “As someone whose finances have been speculated about, I completely understand what Erika is going through, the poor dear.”


Let’s revisit this in a few months!

Here’s what Zayn has to say about the Grammys:


  • Jesus Christ, and thank god: “ YouTuber Grace Victory Wakes from Coma 3 Months After Giving Birth While Sick with COVID.” [People]
  • Buy some TikTok jewelry, if you’re in the mood. [Us Weekly]
  • Vanessa Bryant is making strides in her case against the LA County Sheriff’s Department. [TMZ]


Brace and Break

Nah, that’s spillage. Side boob is more subtle.

Also I like Zayn now?