Sonia Sotomayor Bumped into Hillary Clinton at a Costco

Illustration for article titled Sonia Sotomayor Bumped into Hillary Clinton at a Costco

When Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor walked into a Costco in Arlington, Virginia, she probably wasn't expecting much exciting. Maybe a twofer sale on those Olay face cream bottles (but only the SPF ones no one wants anyway), maybe a couple gallons of milk, hell maybe even one of those 15-person tents hanging from the ceiling. Instead, she got Hillary Clinton.


That’s right, Hillary Clinton was at the very same Costco signing copies of her new memoir. This is literally a pair of mom jeans’ dream come true. It looks like Sotomayor made off with a copy, but not before Hillary complimented her on her own book My Beloved World.

I’m hoping that after this meeting of American woman power, they each took a different route to collect all the free food samples. POSADA CHIMICHANGAS FOREVER.


My BiL regularly takes his two year old to Costco for lunch and fills her up on free samples. That sounds like a strategy that will lead to good eating habits later on...