Someone Tell Margaret Atwood There's Diet Avocados Now

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The glamorous grocery stores of our future will include meat grown in a lab and apples that never brown, but now we’re also getting diet avocados.


This lite new avocado has been created by the Isla Bonita brand in Spain, who have made the fruit juicier and slower to oxidize (or go bad.) Overall the Avocado Light contains 30 percent less fat than your average avocado and is marketed as being perfect for “smoothies, cold soup, gazpachos, [and] cocktails.” The brand frankenstein-ed the special avocado by analyzing 32 different varieties in six different countries.

Can someone please help me understand why we need this? As Grub Street points out, avocados already contain the kind of fat that is good for you, though I admit that the Avocado Light seems perfect for the joyless, clean-eating set, or perhaps those simply afraid of a 240-calorie avocado. Overall, it’s been frightening to see Margaret Atwood’s genetically-modified nightmare predictions of Oryx and Crake continually come to life, even if we’re just dealing with avocado toast here.

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The Noble Renard

Soooo it looks like this is just a marketing stunt rebranding less fatty (likely less-flavorful as a result) avocados, since the linked article says “It is a product marketed under the brand Isla Bonita, of Eurobanan, which features a selection of avocado varieties with 30% less fat than the avocados that can usually be found in the market.”

So they’re going to sell you a shittier avocado with less delicious fat but they’ll charge you more and make you feel better about it. Capitalism!