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Someone Please Help Nancy Pelosi Escape This John Boehner Kiss

Illustration for article titled Someone Please Help Nancy Pelosi Escape This John Boehner Kiss

Ohio Republican and man-sized Oompa Loompa John Boehner was re-elected today to his third term as speaker for the House of Representatives, despite some two dozen fractious Tea Partiers voting against him for not being anti-Obama enough. To celebrate, Boehener gave Nancy Pelosi the most uncomfortable kiss in the history of dry, leathery smooches:


Truly, a kiss that makes you feel cringingly uncomfortable right through the TV. This is not the first time Pelosi has graciously submitted to Boehner's football-textured face skin rubbing against her own like an errant bat wing. From 2011, at the 12-minute mark:

This is more Boehner PDA than any woman should have to endure in a three-year span.


In fairness, across the aisle, Vice President Joe Biden was also in top Diamond Joe form over at the Senate swearing-in, hitting on every wife in the proximity, teasing pre-pubescent boys about their future as lady killers and terrorizing this poor young woman:

A big day for awkward, clench-your-teeth-and-just-try-like-hell-to-get-through-it kisses in the hall of government.

Image via AP

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