Do you ever wonder what actors are smoking when their characters smoke weed? Well, wonder no more, because Kirsten Dunst shared how it’s supposed to go (and how it actually went) on at least one set. In Woodshock, Dunst’s character gets high a lot. What she smoked on set, she said last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, was generally “movie pot,” which is, “whatever they roll...tobacco if you smoke cigarettes, they roll herby stuff (not herb, but you know), like fake whatever. Oregano.”

Sounds reasonable. What could go wrong? After shooting one scene, Dunst said she started “flipping out,” pacing, shaking, and convinced that she needed to go to the hospital. If you’ve ever felt this way (I call it “high-school high”), you know what the explanation is.


One of the producers, after examining the smoking options, reported to Dunst, “Oh, you smoked a full blunt on one of the takes.”

“And we’re talking about Humboldt weed,” explained Dunst. “I don’t smoke full joints. This is like strong shit.” Dunst explained locals on set rolled the joints and “they just threw some in for fun.” They ended up sending her home for the day.


Sounds like a miserable experience, but it ultimately highlights the fact that sometimes what actors are smoking when their characters smoke weed is in fact actual weed. The more you know.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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