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Somebody Give Maya Rudolph a Variety Show Already

Illustration for article titled Somebody Give Maya Rudolph a Variety Show Already

As Up All Night, much like the Titanic, sinks slowly to the bottom of the ocean, the show's stars are jumping ship left and right. Fair enough! No one wants to be the guy who dies hitting the propeller or the two old people who go out clutching at each other in a twin sized bed. No, they want to go on and pose for pictures at Coney Island like Rose did! They want to thrive!


Christina Applegate has already left the show, as well as Will Arnett (who didn't face the unemployment line for too long before signing on for an untitled CBS pilot), but what of Maya Rudolph? Rumor has it — and please let these rumors be true — that she is looking to forgo sitcoms entirely in favor of headlining her very own variety show. This might just be the best idea that anyone has had in the history of entertainment and I include the time that Prince decided to make the movie Purple Rain.

We know that Rudolph can act and sing. We know that she's funny. We know that she can perform well in front of a live audience and that she has an abundance of charisma. What we don't know is why no one thought to give her a variety show before now. The only way we can correct this error is by giving Rudolph all of the resources to make this happen immediately.


Studios & Networks Pursue Maya Rudolph For Variety Show [Deadline]

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Dr. Opossum

I wish her success, but the variety show genre has stubbornly refused to be revived for decades now.