Kara is in Rio right now, and since my emails to her are bouncing back with a very cold out of office reply, you’ll all have to hear my commentary about this show you probably don’t watch, starting with: Cindy Crawford was in Sunday night’s episode?

I assume she knows Shel and Barb (the married couple) via her husband Randy but wow, that threw me for a loop.

Good to know that Natalie is still wearing dresses that are mostly all side-thigh/butt.


Barbie’s train is SO LONG.

That lil thing they do to pin them up for dancing later is a neat trick though.


I love that this one dude was like, nah, I don’t want to be on this trainwreck of a “reality” TV show, but Cindy fucking Crawford signed the release.

This “fight” that was manufactured between Olivia and Sophia’s for over the lame dude Olivia is dating was clearly that, but I love how E! tried to make it look like the fight was taking over the wedding by cutting to just random shots of Barbie and Sheldon looking slightly pained, when they could have literally been reacting to anything.


Not to mention ruining the continuity by then showing Barbie in the background of the “fight” happily chatting with some guests.

Kara, come back please.