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It seems like everything Ariel Winter does receives a headline. And, based on those headlines, it seems like all she does is slam things.

Ariel Winter shot to fame in 2009 at the age of 11, when she landed the role of Alex Dunphy in ABC’s hit sitcom Modern Family. In the years since, she’s been in the difficult position of navigating her teen years while under the spotlight. But still, the more cynical side of me says this constant slamming is all by design on Winter’s part. No celebrity is contractually obligated to respond to media reports about anything (as far as I know), but Winter appears to have discovered that a foolproof way of staying in the public eye is to respond to everything. But perhaps I’m placing too much responsibility on Winter here. Maybe “slams” is just one of those words celebrity publications have discovered leads to an increase in Facebook shares, like “surprising,” “huge,” and “hacks.” Or maybe Ariel Winter just likes to slam things!

In any case, here are the things she has slammed recently:

Body Shamers


Her Toxic Mother

Critics Who Say Her Boyfriend Is Too Old


Critics Who Hated a Dress She Wore That One Time



The Paparazzi

‘Silly’ Reports About Birthday Weddings


Both Haters and Photoshop Claims

Instagram Bullies


Sterling Beaumon Rumors

Reports That She Gives Her Boyfriend An Allowance


Donald Trump

Misleading Reports About Her Slamming Donald Trump


A Vine Star Named Nash Grier