Some People Really Love Vanilla Ice, Apparently

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Rapper Vanilla Ice has indefinitely postponed a concert that was scheduled to happen in Austin, Texas this Friday after receiving intense criticism online when he posted about the performance. Despite the fact that last week, the governor of Texas shut down bars and clubs in an effort to curb the spread of covid-19, the venue Vanilla Ice was supposed to perform at remained open because it is a restaurant with an outdoor performance space. The rapper posted on Twitter on Thursday announcing the postponement.

“I take the coronavirus serious. But we can’t live in a bubble,” the rapper tweeted before canceling Thursday. “I think at this point we all understand the severity of it. (P)ractice social distancing and wear a mask. This is an outside venue, Fourth of July on the lake with fireworks. Plenty of room for distancing.”


Barrett Brannam, who owns the venue where Vanilla Ice was supposed to perform, reported that his restaurant had been hosting live music performances since it reopened in May, but that no one had complained until it was a Vanilla Ice concert.

.... Yes. And?

Brannam said the rapper had committed to asking fans to wear masks and follow proper social distancing guidelines. The venue was going to be checking patrons’ temperatures at the entrance and giving a mask to anyone who needed one, he said.

Frankly, I am shook to my core to learn that there are people who are this committed to seeing Vanilla Ice perform live in the year 2020 that they are willing to get their temperature checked at the entrance of a restaurant. 

Luckily, before Vanilla Ice formally postponed the concert, Brannam reported that only 84 tickets had been sold online. Maybe there’s hope for humanity after all. [TIME]

In other news, birds are plucking sharks out of the water in Myrtle Beach. Could this be the beginning of a real-life Sharknado? Perhaps, considering how 2020 has been going so far. [TMZ]


After an interview aired where August Alsina claimed that he had a years-long affair with Jada Pinkett Smith, Jada announced that she would be bringing herself to her family’s popular Facebook Live Series Red Table Talk because “there’s some healing that needs to happen.”


Insert eyes emoji here.


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Totally OT, but a subject I have not seen in any Dirt Bags lately:

This tragic situation with Nick Cordero and his lovely wife, Amanda Kloots and their young son, Elvis. He is so, so sick, and I feel so much sympathy for her (for newbies I have a disabled husband as a result of a ruptured brain aneurysm, massive stroke and significant physical disabilities, as well as cognitive/behavioral issues - just over 6 years ago). I hope Nick does live through this.

But, I wish she would slow down and not make every thing so public so frequently. She is putting up a great, brave face (I know EXACTLY what it looks like) and has very public support from wonderful, famous people who want to help and I am sure they are and that is awesome, but she is spending very valuable personal and emotional capital on it, and she needs to conserve every possible scrap. I didn’t her Gail ask her one thing about that in her interview this morning.