It seems that the filmmakers behind the Magic Mike sequel had a wee bit of trouble getting some extras to stay on set, because they just couldn't quite handle all of the sexiness and dong.

The film promises lots of Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Michael Strahan and Joe Manganiello dancing and doing things like this. Producers and casting officials with the film (which is shooting in Myrtle Beach and Savannah) are looking for talented, dedicated people who can sit in the audience during aforementioned sexy dancing and try to pretend that this is appealing or possibly even fun. It appears that's been a little bit challenging.


The admins behind the Magic Mike Sequel Extras Facebook page posted a little blurb reminding people that if they do get cast as extras for a film about male strippers that yes, they will actually have to see lots of male strippers doing things like taking off their clothes:

For tomorrow – casting African American, Hispanic and Asian women to play strip club patrons. DO NOT SUBMIT if you are not comfortable around nudity and acts of a sexual nature. (Seriously… we warn you guys like a bazillion times and we had three women leave this morning. Girl.) Must be available all day long. Working in Savannah.

For Friday and possibly Monday (they are going to try to finish the entire scene on Friday… but you must also be available Monday) – casting African American, Hispanic and Asian MEN to play strip club patrons. DO NOT SUBMIT if you are not comfortable around nudity and acts of a sexual nature.


It looks like the post was since taken down from their Facebook page (Uproxx's Film Drunk blog managed to save it before it was deleted). Also, if you think you are one of the truly brave and hearty women who can handle lots of celebrity dong attached to very attractive men doing very sexy dancing things, you can check the page for possible jobs as an extra on the film if it's shooting in your area (although they have already had thousands of applicants, so your dreams might be somewhat unattainable here). If you do get a gig as an extra, please get me Channing Tatum's autograph and tell him that the friend I watched Magic Mike with said she just wants to "kiss his elbows." I don't know; my friends are nuts.

By the way, if you cannot handle seeing dong do not click this link to the super top secret exclusive footage we unveiled from the new film here last month.


Image via Warner Bros