Some Olympic Photographers Are Leering Pretty Hard at Beach Volleyball Players

Notice anything odd about this picture of an "unknown" beach volleyball player at the Olympics, other than the fact that it literally leers at its subject's midsection? For all the objectification of Ryan Lochte that's gone on recently, all pictures of him include, you know, his face rather than his junk. Ditto for similarly scantily-garbed male Olympians. Female beach volleyball players, however, are some of the only Olympic athletes in the Getty Images Olympics archives whose bottom-halves take up entire frames.


Metro's Nate Jones thought this was so conspicuous/gratuitous/lecherous that he decided to crop some images of male athletes in such a way that their strained faces wouldn't interfere with our appraisal of their torsos, crotches, and upper thighs. That gallery is definitely worth a perusal, if only to rebalance all the ogling some of the beach volleyball photographers have been doing this summer.

What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball? [Metro]

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