The launch Of "2BHAPPY" Jewelry Collection brought out both amazing looks โ€” Beyonce, Blake, Estelle โ€” and a red carpet that was good, bad and stupendously ugly.

Host Beyonce goes clean and glam, as only she can.

Jessica White elevates a simple shape with a vibrant color.


I am on record in my love of Estelle's sartorial versatility.

Yes, Blake is a little fringe-happy and this is as busy as an understaffed PTA. But somehow, she works it.


Ashanti flirts with Barbie Chic.


When dealing with an unflattering shape, a la Denise Rich, neon leopard is generally not a way to disguise it.

Kim Kardashian really does classic glamor well. This is not classic glamor.


I would have said this is the most unflattering dress I've ever seen...

Then I saw Tinsley Mortimer.


But then I saw Jamie Tisch.

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