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Image via Getty.

Despite their allusive relationship to cameras or traceable evidence, the folks who robbed Kim Kardashian have messed up. They got butter fingers.

TMZ is reporting that one item of the thirteen reported ston len was found outside her Paris hotel on the street by some random passerby the following day. It was a platinum mounted diamond cross made by Jacob and Co., one of the many crosses Kim appears to own. Observe:


The necklace is reportedly worth $33,180, which is only a small portion of the $5.6 million worth of jewelry stolen. On the other hand, $4 million of that is attributed to Kim’s engagement ring alone, so the rest is probably chump change by comparison. Police are checking the pendant for traces of DNA that might link them to the thieves. It’s a long shot, but so is someone handing in a thirty thousand dollar necklace after picking it out of a sidewalk crack.

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