Some Lesbians Are Getting Their Rocks Off By Watching Two Dudes Get It On

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An anonymous writer at Lesbilicious spills the dirt on the "guilty secret in the lesbian community" — a shared love of watching two dudes bone. She's got a whole rationale for it, too.


For one, she says watching depiction of Sapphic acts in pornography is generally not the same as watching two lesbians have sex.

The first problem in watching lesbian porn is that the vast majority of it is painfully straight, and not at all meant for lesbians. It's not so much the hair extensions, fake breasts or bored expressions that give it away; more like the long, scraping fingernails. Oh wait, one more clue – the ubiquitous dude who's enthusiastically welcomed in to give the girls what they've been missing.

Watching your sexual identity being simultaneously misrepresented and belittled is not sexy.

Actual lesbian porn with actual lesbians made by and for lesbians is, apparently, rather difficult and expensive to come by.

Worse yet, watching women unconvincingly fake enthusiasm for sex acts can, she say, be boring, but dudes in porn always have boners and ejaculate, giving men in pornography an apparently much-needed verisimilitude.

Writers at lesbian website Grace the Spot agree: "With gay male porn, the actors look like they're having fun and enjoying sex.

On top of that, there's a feminist reason to watch two dudes bone.

It may at first seem counter-intuitive, but the very fact that there are no women in gay man porn can remove a huge burden for some people. "The fact of female oppression through porn is a massive turn off and it's hard to be convinced that girls in films are really enjoying themselves," says Caz. "I find anything sexually aggressive towards women horrible."


This argument rings a little false to me, as there is certainly sexual violence and the potential for exploitation with men and in the gay community.

In addition to those reasons, you know, some people just like it.

Even if you've never used a strap-on, had sex with a man or wanted to be a man, the human brain is such a marvellous thing that we can still identify with what's going on, and get off on it. As Holly explains quite simply, "looking at attractive naked people getting it on is arousing.


In fact, some research has shown that — whether it's biological, or conditioning, or some combination of the two — women are more easily aroused by sexuality outside of their particular wheelhouse than men. So, you know, whatever floats your boat, ladies, enjoy!


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