Some Idiot Threw a Lemon at Ariana Grande During Her Coachella Performance

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What we know is that someone, for some reason, successfully hit Ariana Grande in the chest with a lemon during her performance at Coachella. We know this because there’s clear video evidence:

And also verbal confirmation from Grande herself:


What we’re less clear on is...why. The prevailing theory is that the lemon is in retaliation for Grande getting paid twice as much as Beyoncé during her own groundbreaking Coachella set the year prior. You know, lemon, Lemonade, get it? You do.

Newsweek has it that Bey was paid just $4 million for her headlining act, while Grande was reportedly paid a whopping $8 million, likely at least in part because she was brought on at the last minute after Kanye West fell through.

But a source told The Blast that Beyoncé actually got $4 million per show, meaning she and Grande made the same amount over the course of their two appearances:

“We’re told the contracts for Grande and Beyoncé were structured exactly the same way—$4 million for the first weekend and another $4 million for the second.”


Assuming that this much forethought went into the lemon-throwing, someone owes Grande a major apology. But then there’s also the Occam’s lemon theory, which is that people—especially drunk people at music festivals—are just dumb and horrible. In that case, someone still owes Grande a major apology.

Lemon-thrower: Apologize! Now!

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Superbad Zombie

From what I understand, Beyonce negotiated to own the rights of her Coachella performance and has also turned that into a documentary on Netflix. I think she also netted a $60 million Netflix deal with 2 more projects on the way. So it may seem like Ariana made a better deal, but the reality is somewhat different.