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Some Highlights From Alex Jones's Bonkers Interview With Heidi and Spencer Pratt

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Professional troll Alex Jones “ran into” old friends, publicity masters Spencer and Heidi Pratt, while on vacation in Hawaii recently, and convinced them to participate in an interview for his conspiracy website, Info Wars. “The last time we saw you we were super hated, and now we’re pretty irrelevant,” Spencer says at the beginning of the 30-minute video. “And now you’re the most hated, relevant person we know...We need our juice back.”

This interview probably won’t do much to bring their “juice back,” but it is a bizarre and captivating half hour of internet video during which the trio discusses the consequences of being vocal about political beliefs, god, Sandy Hook, “the whole Russia thing,” and why Spencer and Heidi feared for their lives around seven years ago.


Below are some of the most notable quotes:

Spencer, on black helicopters:

The black helicopters are real. We definitely had multiple black helicopters hovering over our Hills set.


Spencer, on the power of the New World Order:

We were chanting ‘Death to the New World Order’...and then about a week later, we were no longer on television...Be careful what you say.


Jones, on God as a production designer:

What’s amazing is the production value that God gave us...We came out here, and right on time, this huge double rainbow forms.


Spencer, on why they began “speaking out” against globalism:

It was Heidi’s music producer at the time, shoutout Steve Morales, who was like, ‘You gotta tell the world, Speidi!’ He had all your documentaries and got us so pumped up, and you know, once i get pumped up, there’s no going back. Your documentaries...there was nothing like it 10 years ago.


Heidi, on coming back into the spotlight:

I’m ready to reemerge better than before, and stronger.

Spencer, on being ahead of the curve:

When I started buying crystals, it was so out there. Now it’s trendy and everyone buys crystals.


Spencer, on the source of his hate:

Most of my hate is from editing.

Jones, on Sandy Hook and his reputation:

It’s almost like I killed the kids now.

Spencer, on the original fake news:

Editing is the original fake news, as far as I’m concerned.

Spencer, on his goals:

I wanna stay alive, I wanna get back to being famous and rich. That means joining a secret society—just kidding.


Heidi, on secret societies:

We’re not joining a secret society, it’s not worth our souls at the end of the day.


Alex Jones, on fake secret societies:

There’s also a lot of fake secret societies.

Jones, when asked for his thoughts on “this whole Russian thing”:

If you go to DC or New York, there are Russians and Chinese and people from India and people from Israel and people from the UK people from France, the EU, people from the Vatican, and people from Saudi Arabia. There are PR people and lobbyists crawling out of the walls. So Russians are constantly throwing sex ops at you—hot blondes, honey traps—but they’re like the sub group. The Russians about six, seven years ago cut back on that, and mainly, you know, just use information—TV stuff—but their secondary players are reorganizing their country. The communist Chinese have infiltrated every major defense company, they’re transferring everything back, they’re in all our computer systems, most of our chips getting made there with back doors, we’ve put back doors in them, it’s a total cyber infiltration, AI system war. We’re in an AI war with China, China’s got massive acceleration war with genetic engineering—probably even way ahead of what we got, it’s totally insane—chimeras, human animal hybrids—they had 20 years ago cows that create human milk. They sell ‘em on the market in China. Here it’s not even in the news, it’s just so advanced. So Russia has fast missiles and a lot of nukes. They’re basically an old-world country that’s basically third world in many areas, and they’re trying to reorganize. They’re seen as weak, so the globalists are trying to overthrow it—they wanna put kind of a Hollywood, social engineering thing to break the Russian will, to get rid of their Christian roots because it’s not compatible with Globalism. So Russia’s crime is it got away from the very globalists that run our country—the very Bolshevik corporate system. Trump and their people are being illegally surveilled massively by Obama, and so there are some basic Russian contacts by Senator Sessions—that was his job. So they have the intercept—they can say, ‘You met a couple Russians here and there,’ when that’s totally normal and what Senators do. Of course Donald Jr. met to get dirt on Hillary! They were getting dirt on Trump, so that’s what you do on opposition research. So they take normal behavior and blow it up like it’s this huge horrible thing, a mountain out of a mole hill...but then with Hillary, they did it because 100 million out of Russian banks to her foundation, 30-something million to get the uranium. I mean she was meeting with Putin secretly and talked about being in his inner sanctum. These power-mad folks are obsessed with Putin because he actually runs things...they’re all minions of Henry Kissinger and Brzezinski and Rockefeller who are all dying. So they’re all looking for who their daddy is right now, and they’re all secretly obsessed with Putin because he took Russia away from them and it’s their own country, and so they hate him because he’s reorganizing Russia. It’s gotten from its belly to its knees and they’re scared it’s standing up. They wanna get America back on its belly. With Trump, we’re actually basically body slamming the globalists right now. We’re actually standing erect right now, even though we’ve got a bunch of wounds from what they’ve done to us. Trump’s trying to patch those up right now, getting our confidence up, getting us goals, promoting things that are basic Americana. That’s a long rant.


Heidi, on reality television:

I love the show Chrisley Knows Best.

Spencer, on reality television:

The only reality show that’s 100% real is Cops.

Spencer, on how he feels:

Sometimes I feel like a bot.

Jones, on why Spencer should not feel like a bot:

You’re not a bot, because you guys broke from the matrix.

Spencer, on mysterious deaths:

Multiple people [he does air quotes here] ‘died’ that were in our entourage. Our lawyer was allegedly...he’s no long alive. Heidi’s plastic surgeon, no longer alive.


Heidi, on how they responded to the deaths of their entourage:

We left to Costa Rica...we were concerned.

Spencer, on his fears at the time:

We were scared that we were gonna get offed Michael Jackson style.

The interview ends soon after this revelation because a good place to end an interview is immediately following the suggestion that you were nearly killed by globalists for speaking out about the new world order, just like Michael Jackson. You can watch the entire thing below: