A labor and delivery nurse told Mommyish about couples who have sex in the delivery room, which sounds way less fun than sex in the kitchen. I've personally never birthed a child, but I can't imagine sex is the first thing on your mind when you're about to go into labor/a human being has recently emerged from your vagina?

I stand corrected.

For example:

The couple in question was there for a labor evaluation. She had experienced a few contractions and thought she may be in labor, but after being evaluated, her doctor decided to send her home. Her nurse unhooked her from the monitors and walked out to gather her discharge paperwork-a task that takes 15 minutes, tops.
But that was all the time they needed.

The two other women in the triage room and their husbands, separated by a few thin curtains, watched as the couple formulated a plan. Deciding the hospital bed wasn't conducive to any other position, the couple settled on doggy-style. While they may have thought the curtains provided them with enough cover, they had overlooked the fact that their bed sat directly next to a window. With a reflection clearly visible to the entire triage room.

When their nurse came back, she was quickly waved over by one of the other patients in the room and updated on the situation. So unbelievable was the scene they had just witnessed that one of the husbands had even snapped a picture of the window reflection with his cell phone, leaving no shadow of a doubt.


There's also a patient who wanted to know how long she should wait to have anal sex after her c-section. Get it, girl. (?)


Image via Mirko Tabasevic/Shutterstock.