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Some Big News About Brigitte Nielsen…

… She’s having a good day.

Here she is, sitting on a couch. Scrolling the ole ‘Pad. Nails done. Dog near. Sunglasses indoors. Or is it outdoors? It’s outdoors. Sunglasses outdoors. My mistake.


“happy time,” the model-turned-actress-turned-incredibly prolific international reality TV star captioned the above photo on Instagram Wednesday. “positive vibes.”

Where is she? What is she thinking? What is she looking at on her iPad? Is she reading all the nice comments people left on her pregnancy announcement post from earlier this week? Reading the latest celebrity news and gossip to be found on Just Jared and E! News and elsewhere online? Permhamps watching her favorite television program by way of a streaming service’s app?


I DM’d Brigitte Nielsen to find out what she’s looking at, but she won’t tell me. We are not close. It makes sense.

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Are you having a good day? Where are you sitting? Which dogs are you ignoring? Tell us what you think is on iPad in the comms below.

Contributor, Jezebel

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I’m pretty okay, and I’m on the couch scarfing down a Lean Cuisine ignoring these two dogs, wondering where the third one is. They’ve been fed, so it’s nappy time for them. Brigitte is probably looking at nanny sites, because we all know she ain’t taking care of any babies on her own. She’s got shit to do.