Soldier Robbed Of Christmas Gifts Gets Big Surprise From Community

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OK, so there is a real-life Grinch. It's the asshole who robbed a California family of their holiday gifts. But don't worry! Just like in a Frank Capra movie, an entire community has rallied to make sure that they get a happy Christmas after all.


Cpl. Christopher Petrossian, of Lodi, California (try not to start humming CCR's 'Lodi' to yourselves here now, people) thought he was planning the best ever Christmas surprise homecoming ever when he returned from his tour in Afghanistan. But nope, some shithead went and ruined all that by breaking into their house and robbing them blind. Merry Christmas!

Gone from the family's home in the Dec. 17 burglary were Christmas presents that Petrossian had purchased online during his near two-year deployment in Afghanistan.

"It was about $5,000 worth of items," Lodi Police Sgt. Doug Chinn told "There was a lot of electronic gear and presents that were in boxes still to be wrapped plus their own personal electronics that were inside the house."


So in stepped Officer Eric Bradley, a Lodi officer who responded to the call and a veteran of the first Gulf War himself. Bradley was all NOPE at the idea of seeing Petrossian's two little girls go Christmas-less this year, and sprung into action. He mobilized his peeps through the Lodi Police Department, who started to donate gift cards and money to the family. Other residents of Lodi quickly caught wind of the police officer's efforts and began donating as well.

Oh and Petrossian has completed his tour in Afghanistan and is now home with his family, which is probably their favorite gift this year anyway.

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You know, every year there's stories on the news of folks whose Christmas gets wrecked by assholes thieving presents. I am really up for a public shaming of present thieves, complete with a stockade and rotting fruit. Ugh.