Solange Condemns White Supremacy, Deletes Twitter

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In what I think we can all agree was a singularly wise move, Solange has deleted her Twitter account, but not before she left one last ball of fire:


Thompson was arrested yesterday on charges that included two felonies for her role in helping to topple the Confederate statue outside the former county courthouse in Durham, North Carolina on Monday. She has since been released on bail, but the charges have not been dropped, and she could face 25 months and 41 months in prison for each.

Like many celebrities, Solange had been diligent about using her platform to speak out against the abhorrent events in Charlottesville over the weekend, as well as Trump’s approval of them. After her Twitter went dark, Solange resurfaced on social media in the form of an Instagram note:

I can’t fucking wait for this album.


I don’t know if Ariana Grande is some sort of witch or what, but her impressions of other artists are truly a thing of beauty. I’m not saying a precise impersonation of the Spice Girls approaches the difficulty of nailing Celine Dion doing “Can’t Feel My Face,” but still. Not even going to question why she’s doing this in a bathroom in South Korea.


Some quadrants of Twitter lit up with hope that Grande was teasing a new album, which is quietly horrifying.

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The mania was enough that Grande had to set the record straight, clarifying that no, it’s not A4 (album four) tea:




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You know, after watching the Leah Remini Scientology stuff, including the new absolutely horrifying one about the sexual abuse within the cult, I can’t help but wonder if Tom Cruise is so stuck in it that he does his own dangerous stunts because he on some level doesn’t care if he lives or dies. He is in his mid 50s. Stunt men and special effects computers exist, his danger boy antics are unnecessary.