Sofia Vergara Sues Beauty Brand For Using Her Name to Promote a Crappy Skin Tightener

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Sofia Vergara is suing the beauty brand Venus Concept for $15 million, claiming they’ve been featuring her in ads and promotional material without her approval.

In a lawsuit filed on Monday in Los Angeles, Vergara cites the company’s Legacy skin tightening massage treatment as a product that uses her name and likeness. In August 2014 while prepping for the Emmys, Vergara posted a selfie on her WhoSay account and mentioned the product in the caption.

“What is so funny Marilyn?? Legacy massage at @drlancerrx,” Vergara wrote. Apparently, this was not one of those paid ads. Vergara shills for many brands, including CoverGirl, but Venus Concept isn’t one of them.

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People reports that according to the lawsuit:

Vergara tried the Legacy treatment, but ultimately did not like it, finding that it was a waste of time and money with little in the way of any results.


[Vergara] would not use it again, and certainly would not endorse it nor agree to appear in an international advertisement campaign to promote it. [She] does not recommend the Venus Legacy product or services.


All the picture does is prove that Vergara used the product. The actress says Venus swiped the Instagram photo without her permission, which is perhaps yet another result of tricky social media photo licensing policies.

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Hey Jezzies, I hope someone sees this! I know it has nothing to do with this article, but it has been on my mind and I figured an article about ass tightening cream would be better than something, say, super important/controversial?? (although this was interesting and funny)

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to get in on SNS about this and just haven’t remembered: I feel and look like crap. I need to lose weight, not only for visual reasons but mostly mental/spiritual/physical. I used to be an athlete and so fit and UGH. I put my jeans on today for work and they barely fit. Like, the button is about to pop open and my legs feel so itchy from how tight they are... The thing is, I KNOW what I need to do to lose weight. Eat right, exercise (!!!!), etc. etc. It’s just that... I fucking despise working out. My boyfriend made a comment the other day that really resonated. “I think we just worked so hard our wholes lives for sports and put our bodies through extremes and now we’re just burnt out.”

We were both athletes and now we’re both fat. We’ve had sit-downs with each other, talking about weight-loss goals, fitness goals, bonding goals, etc. to try and get out there and actually DO IT but we never, ever stick to it. I’ve done at-home workout videos, youtube yoga, gym during my work lunch, and so much more and I just freaking hate it at this point. Then, I beat myself up about it when I look in the mirror in the morning. It’s just a constant cycle that I want to break and really don’t know how, and it’s obviously more mental than physical.

Any tips? Or any direction ya’ll can point me in to go and get my own? xoxo