'Sofia Vergara Is Charo with Diarrhea,' Says Charo

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Celebrities are always pointlessly getting pissy with one another, but every now and then there's a celebrity feud so Earth-shattering that you have to stop everything and try to piece your life back together. This is usually because a.) it's between two entirely unexpected people, b.) it involves someone you entirely forgot about or c.) one famous adult calls another famous adult a human turd.

Well, this JOYFUL celebrity feud involves A, B and C.

Charo — glitter beetle of the 1970s — recently slung some serious (butt) mud at Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara.


She told Latina:

“Sofia Vergara is Charo with diarrhea."


I hope this never ends and/or they fall in love.

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[Latina via Eliot Glazer]

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Rebecca "Burt" Rose

Well, Charo, having spent half her career on a cruise ship, knows all too well the perils of diarrhea.