So Much for That Ivanka Trump Charity Coffee Date

Photo via AP
Photo via AP

It’s difficult to comprehend a world in which Ivanka Trump thought that subjecting herself to a 45-minute coffee with the highest bidder was an even remotely good idea. I guess someone notified her otherwise, because the auction has been cancelled. But why? It was going to be so much FUN!


The coffee date was originally conceived to raise money for the Eric Trump Foundation, run by her brother and intended to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It was cancelled on Friday after 10 days thanks to a few little quibbles over the ethics of allowing wealthy business people to pay for face time with the president-elect’s daughter, who, it’s no secret, has Trump’s ear to an alarming degree.

According to the New York Times:

The auction had been running for 10 days, drawing 28 bids, the highest of which reached $72,888. The bidders included at least three businessmen who said in interviews that they saw their donation as an opportunity to have coffee with Ms. Trump to press her for information about her father’s plans as president or to try to urge Mr. Trump to take up an issue important to them.

All information on the amounts and names of the bidders disappeared from the internet with no notice on Friday afternoon. The winning bidder would have been an organization called Go Hydrogen, although no information could be found about this entity.

“We wanted to handle this with proper discretion once this was brought to our attention,” a statement from the Trump camp read. A slightly different message was sent from Eric himself:

“Today, the only people that lost are the children of St. Jude,” he wrote.

Always punishing the children with the damn “ethics,” aren’t we. Remind me which children will be suffering if Trump fails to divest from his businesses?



I guess the Trumps just giving that money to St. Jude’s is out of the question.